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Women's Swimwear | A. Slavna E-Shop


Design. Programming. Shipping Integration. Online Payment. Support

Women's Swimwear E-commerce Case

We started work on the A. Slavna online store in May 2022. The customer already had a physical store and an Instagram page, but to increase sales, it was necessary to create an online store. The site is easy to use, and the modern minimalist design corresponds to the corporate style of the customer. As part of this project, we created:

  • product filtering according to the main criteria - color, size, season, brand, etc.
  • the possibility of online payment of the order by Visa and Mastercard
  • integrated the Instagram page and the online store (all new posts are automatically displayed on the website)
  • for ease of registration of delivery, we connected the site with the largest delivery service in Ukraine - Nova Poshta. Post offices in the selected city are automatically pulled up to the client when placing an order.

We are glad that despite the war, Ukrainian business continues to work and develop.

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